General settings

From Backoffice > Settings > General, you can add some information and set some options, we will review them per sections:

Your Platform #

Platform Name: this name will be shown on the login page and used in emails.

Main KwicK APP domain: fill this with your Siberian domain name, for instance:

Location settings: Set your timezone, currency and the default language.

Privacy settings: Has to be activated if your country is a member or European Union.

Licenses: Insert here the Siberian license number sent to you in your purchase confirmation mail. If not set or invalid, you won’t be able to update your Siberian


Your company #

Those informations will be used in the invoices generated by Kwick APP


Whitelabel Settings (only for PE) #

Sign-up mode: determines the account creation flow from the editor login page.

None: Sign up tab won’t be displayed

Validation: each account created must be activated from the backoffice

Full: account created can start to build an app right after their creation.

Terms of Service: Allows you to specify the ToS of your while labels.


Your Applications #

      1. Application base Package Name & Bundle ID: defines the prefix of your apps Package Name & Bundle ID. for instance : or Package names and bundle ID are used in Android and iOS app stores to identify the apps.
      2. Import / export features: this set the permissions for your users for those topics.
      3. Publication access type:
        1. sources code: user can download the app source code and edit them or build them.
        2. info: users give you the required information to publish their applications on their behalf
      4. Free trial (PE only): The time span in which an app can be used/modified. If you want to set a free trial period, check “Enable free trial” and enter a trial duration in days. If you want your users to be able to use the editor without trial or subscription, check “Allow access to editor regardless the free trial or subscription”.
      5. APK Generator for builds from the Editor (Local or Service): Local Apk generator is the apk generator on your server, Service Apk generator is on our server.
      6. Default privacy policy: you can customize the default privacy policies that will be displayed in your apps. They will be editable per app from the editor.
      7. Default privacy policy section for GDPR: if you have enabled Enable GDPR features & rules, you can edit the privacy policies here.


Analytics #

App limit for displaying real data: Until this number is reached on the editor user’s app list, analytics will be in demo mode, with demo values.


Advertising #

Force all apps to use Owner AdMob: if set to yes, all apps will use the platform admob account.Split Ad revenue : set the % of ads that will be displayed in apps using your account.